Thursday, April 2, 2009

What have we been doing?

Andy has been wanting a shed in our backyard since we moved in and he decided he would build his own. So for the last few days we have been building our shed. Through wind, rain, 2 ' of snow, and a very small moment of sunshine our shed is coming together wonderfully. Andy sure has a talent for building. We actually did most of the work ourselves. My dad helped with the siding and his friend Jason helped with the roof. We are getting close to completion. Here our some photos of our fun.

If you are standing on our deck this is in the far right corner of the lawn.

Heavy load for the little truck.

We will be using this for all of our garage storage needs. I think it is going to be perfect. I am very thankful that Andy has this wonderful ability.


Julie said...

That looks great! It's so nice that you can do stuff like that yourself, sheds are expensive and I'm sure they wouldn't be that great. I also love the cinder blocks to level it.

Nana and Papa said...

Nice job. It is nice to have the yard equipment out in the shed instead of the garage.