Sunday, April 26, 2009

The 3rd is done (almost)

In December a water feature place here in town had all of their fountains on a great sale so we bought one to put in this Summer in the front of our house. We have always wanted one and decided the front would be the best place for it as we were sure Brinkley would think this was her new bath and water fountain had we put it in back. Here is what the front used to look like.

Here is the beginning. I am so glad to have those green bushes gone. We added the bricks and started digging.

The pillars were unbelievably heavy, but the guys got them in and set.

The beginning of the end.

Completed project...almost. I still have to add in the plants and will post another photo when that is all done. We are very happy with it and enjoying the sound of the water.
So there they are, the three planned Summer projects complete.


Julie said...

WOW! Three summer projects all done and it's only April, you guys are amazing. I like the new fountain, it looks so cool.

Loni said...

I love the pictures and the video. I just think it is a sin how Blair is so neglected. Am so anxious to get my hands on him and have fun. So looking forward to your trip to So. Dak. to see all of us. We miss all of you. When we retire we are going to go WEST and live with all of you for a few months and eat, drink and look at scenery and shop for things. LU Loni and Buzz