Monday, May 26, 2008


We spent Monday (Memorial Day weekend) out at the ORV park here in Spokane and it was a beautiful day. Andy and his friend Jason wanted to go riding and I wanted to take some photos so it worked out great.

Jason and Andy chatting it up.

Andy making an amazing roster tail.

Andy flying by me.

Wide open spaces.


Lately we have been having small family get-togethers which have included smores. We love to all sit around a fire talking and eating these yummy things. Actually at this get-together it started to rain and none of noticed until it started to down pour; we were to interested in the warm fire and treats.
Dinner with Gina's (older brother's wife) family.

Andy melted the chocolate on his stick and than smeared that on a marshmellow for something different.

Just a great fire shot Andy took.

Okay this is kind of you see the face in the flames????