Saturday, April 26, 2008

We Are Ready For Summer

We decided our Spring/Summer project would be to add on/update our deck. We found after living here for a year that we wanted to be outside more eating dinner and etc. so what better way to to that than with a deck.

Here is our old deck
We decided to use Rhino Decking so that we would not have the yearly upkeep with wood.
Andy did most of the work himself, but we were very thankful for the help that we did get. Thank you Dave, Jason, Heath, and Josh. I tried the best I could with deck removal and staining, but when it came to actually putting in the boards I was a little worried about using the drill and messing something up.

Andy and Jason putting some of the boards on
The deck turned out amazing and we were out there almost the entire day today.

The New Deck
The decorated table. I found the top (metal) table mats at Pier One. They are so helpful in holding down the actual table mats.
A closer view of the gazebo

A closer view of our table

I just had to share this photo of you can tell he was exhausted from all the work
We hope to see you for a Summer dinner

Answering some questions

I have been asked many times since passing the exam "what does that mean for me?"
I will go from an on the job paid Pathologist Assistant to a certified Pathologist Assistant. This step means a pay increase and that I am now marketable anywhere. OJT pa's are being phased out as far as certification goes; so that means to become a pa you must go to a school (all of the schools are on the East coast). Also, there is word that if you are OJT you might not be able to work in hospitals as they are wanting only certified people working with tissue and doing autopsies. I got in right in time. With this new requirement pa's are harder to come by so as of right now we are "in demand". This was the one and only test I had to take and now I just keep up my certification by going to the conferences. I have completed a few autopsies on my own, which is a huge accomplishment. Doing the autopsies also gives me a leg up; the docs really don't want to do them and out of the five pa's we have Mike and I are the only ones that can do an autopsy. Really what this all means is that I absolutely love my job and the people I work for and with. We do not plan to move so this just seals in my position with my company. I hope this gives you all a better understanding of what this means for me and I am happy to answer any other questions.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I took my pathologist assistant exam today and PASSED. Over three years of studying and it is now done...thank goodness. Today will be spent in sweats working on the list of projects I have wanted to do, but had to wait to start until this is projects. Tomorrow is a massage. I wanted to thank everyone for all of their kind words and thoughts during this long event in our life. I really want to thank my husband for his kind words, thoughts, suggestions, and for simply hugging me during those "not so good days". Oh ya...I am sure he will be glad to have everything off our dining room table now =). I will post a picture when I get the actual certificate. Thank you all again.