Monday, December 31, 2007

What a busy Christmas

We hope you all had a very wonderful holiday. We spent time in Colville, Vancouver, and here in Spokane. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and cards. I think we most enjoyed the time we were able to spend with everyone over this Christmas. Here are a few of the photos from our outings.
Here is Kim, Hadley, and Ethan after they stamped each other with some stamps from Christmas (Notice how red Hadley's cheeks are). Andy and I got quite a laugh out of this, the mom's on the other hand did not find the same humor in it.

Brinkley stayed in with us while Andy and I opened gifts. We put all the ribbons on her.

Anna and Kim being funny girls.

My cute parents.

Beautiful Sarah.

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Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

We are so glad you could come and visit. We loved seeing you, Andy even if Hadley thinks you are Scary! I can't wait to be closer. :)