Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Cookies

I have spent the last two days baking and I love it in my new kitchen. There is so much more room for doing this sort of thing. I make cookies for each of the hospitals I work at. This year I made sugar cookies, fudge, peppermints, cornflake wreaths, Irish cream brownies, and raspberry ribbons. Andy even helped a little when I needed help pouring and etc. What was great was that on Sunday as I was finishing it started to snow again. I hope they like it all.


ncnana said...

It is so fun to make cookies for Christmas. I hope to be able to make a few next week. It was nice that it was snowing, here it is in the 70's doesn't feel like Christmas at all.

Julie said...

Those look good and like a lot of work! I love your kitchen, it must really be nice to have so much room. Aaron says let us know if you need our address to send us some ;). The cookies I make just never last.