Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Summer of Projects

So I am going to call this Summer the "Summer of outdoor home projects". We had a very productive year and I still cannot believe how much was accomplished in a Summer.

First we built the shed:

Than we covered the deck:

Put in a water feature:

Than Andy built my flower bed:

Put in an arbor for my grapes:


We had the house painted. You know both of the homes we have owned were yellow and not that we have anything against that color...we just prefer something other than yellow. I found a guy through craigslist that we absolutely loved and in one day our entire house was painted. Andy and I finished the trim the following day and now we have a beautiful green/brown home. We love it. We still have to paint the door, but other than that we are done...for this year I think with outside activities. =) So when you come to visit "no you are not at the wrong house."

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Karen said...

You have had a very busy summer. The projects look great. Your home is so beautiful.