Sunday, March 16, 2008

What have we been doing?????

What have we been doing? I noticed I have not blogged in quite sometime and thought you all might be wondering where we have gone to...well we have been busy. The snow is finally gone and we are getting ready for Spring. Our big project this Spring/early Summer is to put on a new deck. We are going to make a larger deck out of the Rhino Decking and are very excited. We enjoy being outside and think this will be a wonderful, low maintenance addition.

Andy just returned from Portland (thanks girls for catching up...Andy said he had a wonderful time) on a business trip. So far he has gone to China, Vancouver Canada, and now Portland. He enjoys traveling and says it gives him alittle variety to the job. I also posted the photo of his car as he is turning it back over to the summer car...lower, nicer wheels and tires, etc. We love this car.

I have been busy looking at the yard; actually I was able to pick a few weeds. I am so anxious to get out and work in it. I love Spring time. I am still loving my job and the people I work for and with. My other big exciting event this Fall is that I am a "matron of honor" in my friend Amanda's wedding (see her below). I worked with her at one of the hospitals here in Spokane and we have since become amazing friends. We spent this past weekend shopping for dresses and as you can see the one below is for the bridesmaids. Her dress is amazing; I didn't want to post that photo as there is a slim chance her fiance may see this. Our dresses are going to be a dark blue/gray.

We are doing well. Thank you for all the phone calls and emails. We love you all very much.


Julie said...

I have been wondering what you guys have been up to. The trips for Andy do sound like fun. I would love to have someone pay for me to go somewhere.

It's nice that all your snow is gone too. Ours is still working on melting, most of it is gone but the piles from plowing.

Getting in the yard sounds like fun too. I can't wait until I can get back to work. We were clearing a section but then it snowed and hasn't melted since.

Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

It was sure great to see Andy. We wish we would have known about earlier... Just kidding we gave Andy enough of a hard time while he was here to make up for not calling until he was already here. :)

Karen said...

I think you will look great in that dress. Of course you will look great in anything. I am glad that Andy got to spend time with Jenn and Katie.
Our snow is still melting also. It will be nice to get out and work in the yard.